Usually Transition Telford’s Seedy Saturday is a physical event held in Telford to enjoy swapping seeds, gardening advice, conversation and cake. For 2021, Seedy Saturday has gone almost entirely online. They have been collecting seeds throughout January, but the event is now live and running in full.

With a database of seeds available on their website, you can request any along with a stamped addressed envelope. Be aware they are a voluntary organisation and do not have endless stock, when it’s gone it’s gone. Requests need to be made by 15th February and if successful you will receive your seeds throughout February or into March.

The idea of this event is that it is a seed swap. You don’t have to specifically swap one for another, but please don’t just take. If you can donate seeds whether surplus bought in a packet, or saved from your garden, then please do. The more people who donate seeds, the bigger this event will be in future years, benefitting everyone involved.

There are a number of drop off points in Telford for donations, or they can be posted.

For further details please take a look at the listing on our events page, or contact Transition Telford.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot