One of Europe’s largest manufactures of household waste bags has taken a step towards its climate commitment by powering its Telford factory and offices in Paris with 100 percent renewable energy.

The bags produce by Cedo are already made from recycled plastics, and the Telford based manufacturer sends zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

The swap to renewables to power the Telford factory and its Paris offices help over 23 per cent of Cedo’s global operations to use 100 per cent renewable energy. The remaining factories in Poland, Vietnam and the Netherlands are on target to achieve climate neutrality within the next few years.

CEO Rik De Vos stated:

“Cedo’s aim is to become a climate neutral business worldwide by 2030. By increasing our use of renewable energy year-on-year while focusing our efforts on achieving zero manufacturing waste to landfill, we are making rapid progress towards our goal.”

“Our next ambition is to continue to pursue a more circular approach in our stewardship of raw materials, while creating a sustainable business that is no longer reliant on fossil fuel-based virgin polymers.”

“In the very near future every Cedo non-food product will be fully recycled and recyclable. We believe that keeping our homes clean, safe and tidy in an environmentally friendly way should be as simple as putting out the bins.”

Cedo is one of the world’s leading businesses in plastic recycling, creating products from household waste such as clingfilm and food packaging. Over 80,000 tons of recycled plastics are used every year by the company to create over 4 billion bin bags and liners. 93 percent of the plastic used in manufacturing its products are from recycled plastics.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot