Climate Action Hub Telford are working with both Transition Telford and Telford Repair Cafe this Spring. Providing sustainability events in January and February in a bid to reduce waste in the Borough.

Gift and household swaps – 29th January

On 29th February the group will be offering a Gift and Household Item Swap event at Brookside Community Centre alongside the Telford Repair Cafes regular event.

If you have any unused Christmas gifts or household items you no longer want or need bring them along.  You can just swap your item for something you do want. If you don’t have anything to swap, you can take anything you want for a ‘pay as you can’ donation. All donations made will go towards the work of Telford Repair Cafe. 

“We already have a good selection of DVD’s, Children’s books, and other household and gift goodies both new and used to giveaway, but would welcome more.”

Climate Action Hub

If you would like to donate to the event but can’t make it on the day, you can leave your donation in various crates through the borough. Donation crates are installed at Stirchley Library (TF3 1FA) until Friday 28th Jan and Brookside Central (TF3 1LP) until the day of the event. Another crate will also be available at the Little Green Pantry, Wellington from Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th Jan.

Tree seedling giveaway – 26th February

In addition to the January event, The Climate Action Hub will be running a Tree Seedling Giveaway and Gardening Scrap Store on the 26th February 2022 at Hollinswood Neighbourhood Centre. This event will be running as part of the annual Seed Swap organised by Transition Telford.

The group have already sourced over 40 tree seedlings and saplings from people’s gardens in Shropshire to giveaway including oaks, beech, hawthorn, holly, privet, willow, birch, a scots pine, some cotoneaster. If you have any locally sourced  tree seedlings in pots to donate to this event get in touch via their facebook page or email [email protected]

Any trees left over after the event will be found good homes with local organisations who are looking to plant more trees in their grounds. 

If you have any waste such as plastic pots (plant or yoghurt etc), empty toilet rolls etc bring them along on the day too. They will be used in demonstrations showcasing waste reducing gardening methods alongside Transition Telford’s Seed Swap

Transition Telford’s Annual Seed Swap will be taking place on 26th February 2022 at Hollinswood Neighbourhood Centre.

Get involved

The Climate Action Hub is a collaboration of groups that aim to encourage the community to work together for a more sustainable future. Run entirely by volunteers, they are always looking for extra people to help out with events, ideas and expertise.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch with Fiona, Jane, Juliet and Steve by emailing [email protected]

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot