Local husband and wide team Rupert and Tracey Bennett are better known for their production of Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed oil. This high quality oil is is GM free, gluten free and free from chemical processing. The seed is cold pressed, triple filtered and hand bottled on their Shropshire farm.

The process if efficient, but still ends with waste seed husks that have no purpose. Although the husks are biodegradable, Rupert and Tracey have found another way to repurpose them into an environmentally friendly fuel source. The seed husks are formed and dried into logs, just the right size for anyone with a home fire.

The newly launched Stoke & Pole Oil Seed Logs have a higher calorific value than kiln dried wood, burning 3 times longer. Each log burns for over an hour and produces 20MJ of heat/KG. Being a waste product, they are also saving fresh wood from being cut for fuel, and reducing transportation of timber.

The packaging of this new product was also designed by Shropshire Festivals. Shropshire Festivals not only run zero waste festivals, but run Shropshire Think Tank who support a number of local businesses with product development. A great partnership to produce a fantastic local green product.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot