We are at a critical moment in time. A lack of meaningful leadership is failing huge segments of the population and the planet. We must create the change we know is needed ourselves. Addressing the challenges within the food system is a great way to start. Food touches all our lives and has impacts on physical health and wellbeing, our communities and livelihoods as well as our environment.

On November 24th the Shropshire Good Food Partnership launched its Good Food Charter. Its mission is to bring people together to create a local food system which is good for people, place and planet. Find out more below.

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Shropshire Good Food Partnership brings people together from across the County. Representing all aspects of the food system, from growers to retailers, to those involved with food banks and food festivals, people working in our academic institutions and the local Council.
Together we have developed a Shropshire Good Food Charter.

This is our statement of intent for creating a food system that is good for people, place and planet:

For People

Everyone in Shropshire should have access to local, affordable, quality food and the knowledge and skills to grow, buy, cook and enjoy good food.

For Place

We are connected through food to each other and the land, we want to have a thriving local food economy supporting jobs with fair wages and creating a regionally distinctive food culture.

For Planet

Our food system must enable environmental regeneration, working with nature, reducing carbon emissions, enhancing climate resilience, and minimising waste and packaging.

Shropshire Good Food Charter

Good food is vital to our quality of life and we believe that by coming together we can achieve this. The Charter highlights actions that you can take as an individual or organisation to make good food a reality.

Please sign up to the Good Food Charter here. Let us know what your pledge is by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook.

For more information and to get involved contact [email protected].

Help us to share the Charter far and wide. Help trigger as many conversations as possible across the county about what good food means. Use social media to show what you are doing to support the Good Food Charter.

The Shropshire Good Food Partnership will be highlighting the many products that are available and activities already taking place as well as the plans we have for furthering the charter vision.

Did you know that 30% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the food system, there is a big link between climate and food! Food wasn’t really on the table at COP26 and yet it is an area of our lives where we all have agency. Getting involved with the Shropshire Good Food Charter is a way we can all take positive action.

Shropshire Good Food Charter

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot