Bradford Estates covers around 12,000 acres of Shropshire countryside and has partnered with wildlife rescue charity Cuan Wildlife to allow more animals to be released back into their natural habitats.

Fran Hill and Deb Bolger from Cuan Wildlife visited Bradford Estates, which is based on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border. The partnership will allow rehabilitated wildlife to be released across multiple areas of the estates.

Fran Hill, Alexander Newport & Deb Bolger (Photo: Express & Star)

Managing Directory Alexander Newport said: “This is a project that the whole team here at Bradford Estates are passionate about. Cuan Wildlife Rescue is a fantastic local charity which provides an exceptional service to wildlife in Shropshire. We’re eager to support them however we can. During the team’s visit, we were able to map out potential sites which might work as release sites for all types of animals including ducks, owls, swans and hedgehogs.”

Fran from Cuan added: “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Bradford Estates and can’t thank Lord Newport and his team enough for their support. Wherever we can we try to release animals back where we found them – but that’s not always possible. To have a variety of sites at Bradford Estates will be an enormous help.”

More Wildlife Less Funds

Reliant entirely on charity donations, the Much Wenlock based wildlife rescue centre costs £360,000 a year to run.

“Not only did we have to postpone all of our fundraising events because of the lockdowns and Government restrictions but we also had way more wild animals come to us than ever before.

With more and more people becoming in tune with their gardens, it meant more and more animals and wildlife were being found and reported to us – which of course is great because we’re able to help them but also meant we were rushed off our feet” said Fran.

With a record 5,740 animals admitted, over 1,000 more than 2019, staff confirmed that the last year has been particularly difficult. More animals and less donations are not a good combination.

Cuan Wildlife is the only Shropshire wildlife rescue centre to offer 24/7 service. Providing first aid, veterinary treatment and ongoing rehabilitation care, the aim is to release as many back to the wild as they can.

Online Wildlife Quiz Nights

In usual years the charity would hold a number of events and open days to aid fundraising. Due to the restrictions over the last year they have been offering an alternative online wildife quiz. Join along on a Saturday night, have some fun and support an amazing local charity.

You can follow news and updates from the charity on their facebook page:

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot