Wellington Rotary Club are currently running a “Young Environmentalist” Competition for youngsters aged 7 -17 as part of a wider National Competition.

The Club say:

“The aim is to encourage young people to explore, investigate, research and undertake an environmental sustainability project on the theme of ‘Climate Change/Carbon Reduction’.

Those entering may focus on one or the other or both.

Topics could include recycling, plastic pollution, litter abatement, micro-plastic contamination, reduction in the need for, and reuse of materials, issues where other criteria are paramount such as sterilisation needs in medical applications, etc.

The project undertaken should raise awareness to a particular problem within the given topic area and inspire action to respond to the growing awareness of the problem.

Entrants may work on projects on their own or as part of a group of not more than 4 people. See the poster below for the e-mail address to apply for an Info pack.

All entries to be submitted by 31st March. Winners will receive a £30 voucher and go forward to our District Competition and, possibly, the National Competition.”

For a full information pack on the Rotary Club’s Young Environmentalist Competition click here.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot