Whilst exploring more ways to reduce our carbon footprint at home and lower the amount of waste we produce, it has become apparent to our little family that society expects plastic to go hand in hand with raising children. From disposable nappies, wet wipes and plastic toys, to the throw away culture of kids Birthday parties.

On our quest to find out more we came across a fantastic idea of sharing reusable party items such as plates, cups and bowls. Thanks to the PartyKitNetwork, you can find local individuals to you, who have kits available to hire. Unfortunately for us, there was no-one in our County at all, so we decided to fill the gap.

Now available to the lovely parents of Shropshire, we have set up Mossy Parties – Shropshire’s Eco Party Kits. Designed to save parents money, stress and energy at the same time as reducing the amount of single use plastics going into landfill.

Mossy Parties is an Eco Party Kit scheme where parents can hire out kits for their children’s Birthday parties, instead of buying single use disposable cups, plates, bowls and cutlery.

By hiring an Eco Party Kit for 30 kids, parents could be preventing around 130 items going into landfill, where they could sit for up to 1,000 years, or worse, break down and spread through the environment adding to the issue of microplastics in our rivers and seas.

Surprisingly the ability to hire out a set of 30 brightly coloured bowls, plates, cups, cutlery, jugs and serving platters through this scheme works out around 50% cheaper than buying cheap disposables from the local supermarket.

Our Eco Party Kits are designed to aid parents in reducing waste, whilst still being able to hold fun birthday parties for their children. The kits are designed by us as parents, for parents. The idea is to make waste reduction easy and affordable for everyone. Plus at the end of an exhausting party, our kits mean you don’t even need to do the washing up as we will do it for you!

Mossy Parties offer a range of reusable Party Kits from just £15, including decorations, foil balloons and more. Additional extras such as plastic free party bags are also available. We even offer an alternative to the traditional pass the parcel, with materials bags rather than paper and clingfilm that many people use.

It is now easy for parents of Shropshire to make a simple choice that makes a positive environmental difference, and set a fantastic example for the next generation at the same time. So if you have a birthday in the family soon and want something that doesn’t cost the earth (literally!) then take a look at what Mossy Parties have to offer before planning your next party.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot