Looking to the stars isn’t just for astronomers, stargazing can be a free, fun, family activity. It’s not only a great chance to admire the night sky, but by counting the stars it allows us to understand light pollution. Light pollution not only spoils the view, but it can disrupt wildlife’s natural patterns.

CPRE The countryside charity run an annual star count event to help understand light pollution across the UK, enabling levels to be monitored and action plans put in place to help reduce the effects.

This years event is running over a week and can be carried out from your own back garden. Full easy to follow tips can be found on their website.

Your star count can be done on any night between the 6th to 14th February, so if one night is particularly cloudy or wet, don’t worry just try again the next night!

Pick a night, wrap up warm and get the whole family involved. A fun digital free activity that helps towards some vital research at the same time.

When times are changed and travel is allowed again, check out CPRE’s Night Blight map. All the data collected is collated into an interactive map that shows the darkest areas of night sky across the UK, perfect for some star spotting in the future.

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot