If you want to buy a special something for friends of family this Christmas but want to make sure it isn’t leaving a damaging footprint on this planet or your wallet, then take a look at some of these present ideas.

1. Garden enthusiasts and wildlife watchers

Bird feeders or bug hotels can provide added interest to the garden, encourage more wildlife, and don’t have to cost the earth. Buy through a charity such as RSPB and you will be supporting wildlife nationally as well as in the back garden.


2. Kitchen lovers and lunchbox packers

Beeswax food wraps are available from many suppliers nowadays and provide a great reuseable alternative to clingfilm in the kitchen. Have a look in your local farm shop or contact a local bee keeping society to source something as close to home as possible if you can. We love these ones provided by our local Bee expert Alison. The wraps come in all kinds of materials so there should be something suitable for all tastes. Alternatively you can make your own with a few simple ingredients.

3. For coffee lovers on the go

Reuseable coffee cups are a simple but great thing to add to any coffee lovers collection. You can buy them personalised or just as they are with a pattern to suit their personality. Take a look at Expert Reviews for the best eco-friendly and sustainable coffee cups of 2019.

4. Artist sketchbooks

Encourage those budding artists to get drawing with a recycled paper sketchbook. Companies such as A Good also help offset shipping through carbon capture projects.

5. Beautiful jewellery from recycled materials

Know someone who likes colourful jewellery and accessories? Why not treat them to something unique made from recycled items. There is a huge range of items available through sites such as Etsy, take a look here.

6. Bringing back the traditional hanky

Handkerchiefs have become hard to get hold of in recent years as they dropped out of fashion, but thankfully they are available again now! Know someone how appreciated the traditional hanky? Treat them to some for Christmas, some are even made from recycled materials to begin with.

7. Smooth shavers

Billions of reusable razors end up in landfill each year. Whether it is for face or legs, why not treat someone to a luxury metal razor that is not only stylish but eco friendly. Take a look at just some of them that are available here.

8. Bath bombs and scrubs

A whole host of beauty products are at your fingertips! There is a wide range of indulgent items available through online shops or local craft stalls. Pick something that is available in a kilner jar or metal tub that can be reused afterwards. Even better make your own scrub or bath bomb for that personal touch. Take a look at our other articles for recipe ideas.

9. Jar of treats for those with a sweet tooth

Go for a traditional treat such as fudge, toffee or biscuits that come in a metal tin or glass jar. Or make your own and gift in a tin that can be used time and time again. They get to enjoy a sweet treat plastic free and have a pretty container to use after they are done.

10. Traveller essentials

Remove the need for using disposable cutlery on their travels with a collapsible cutlery set such as. Taking up very little room, and made from biodegradable wheat composite, this neat item can be used multiple times whilst travelling before eventually being composted.

Disclaimer: None of the products or businesses mentioned on this page have endorsed, sponsored, or in any way asked us to promote their items. These are all items or companies that we personally believe could make good Christmas gifts after carrying out our own research.

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot