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An energy-saving campaign has been launched by Gloucestershire County Council today, aimed at helping residents to save money and carbon this winter.

Latest update from Gloucestershire Council Newsroom:

The campaign, called ‘Cutting costs and carbon’, encourages people to see what they can do to reduce energy usage and make their homes more energy-efficient.

In the UK, around 22 per cent of the country’s carbon emissions come from our homes – including emissions from heating, lighting and appliances.

According to the Energy Saving Trust (EST), the average household could save about £280 a year on its fuel bills by being more energy-efficient. This equates to more than a tonne of carbon emissions per household every year.

The campaign aims to save residents money by helping them reduce the amount of energy consumed in their homes by making simple changes or investing in low energy solutions.

It will run until the middle of March and focus on three different areas – measures which involve no cost, low cost and some cost. Some of the ideas include:

No cost:

  • Turning boiler flow rates down – save an average of £100 a year
  • Switching appliances off rather than leaving them on standby – save an average of £70 a year
  • Turning the oven off 10 minutes before your food is ready – it will retain heat and continue cooking

Low cost:

  • Radiator reflectors
  • Draught excluders – save an average of £60 a year
  • Secondary glazing

Some cost:

  • Switching to LED lights – save up to £55 a year
  • Renewable opportunities – save up to £455 a year
  • Home insulation – save up to £355 a year

All costs taken from

Cllr David Gray, cabinet member for environment and planning, said:

“I’m pleased we are launching this energy-saving campaign and I would encourage residents to get involved by seeing what steps they could be taking to reduce energy usage in their homes.

“Making your home more energy-efficient saves money and helps to tackle the climate emergency by cutting carbon emissions.”

You can get involved in the campaign by sharing your stories on how you’re reducing your energy usage this winter by using #GreenerGloucestershire on social media.

For more information, visit or email [email protected].

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Quoted from Gloucestershire Council’s online newsroom. Original article can be found here: New campaign to save energy costs and cut carbon – Gloucestershire County Council

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot