At Mossy.Life we like to introduce you to individuals and organisations who are doing their bit for the planet. This week our focus is on Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire:

Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire aims to empower the next generation of Shropshire’s decision makers to create and support the necessary measures outlined in the Zero Carbon Shropshire Plan to reduce the county’s emissions to net zero by 2030. Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire recognises the urgency of the climate crisis and understands that it is not a problem for the future, it is here now and must be faced immediately to ensure that there is a future. There is no time to waste, zero carbon by 2030 cannot just be an ambition, it is a necessity.

We are a warm and friendly organisation and we’re always excited to welcome new members! Please don’t be put off if you don’t have any experience or expertise in climate change issues – all you need is a passion for achieving a zero-carbon Shropshire. See an introduction to our core group members below.

Whether you have lots of time to spare to get involved or have an awesome idea about achieving a sustainable Shropshire or just want to find out a bit more about us, reach out using our contact details below! We’d love to hear from you.


Wondering what you can do in the meantime? There’s plenty of resources and tips online, but here are some of the team’s favourite ideas for how to reduce your carbon footprint and move towards a sustainable Shropshire…

Sally Lancaster – Volunteer

My name is Sally. I currently live in Telford but I grew up in Buckinghamshire. I’ve always loved animals and getting out in nature walking, cycling and climbing trees. As the climate crisis has worsened over the years I’ve felt more and more upset about what is happening both locally and globally and started to develop climate anxiety.

I decided to join Generation Zero Carbon so that I could feel like I was actually doing something to help. I’ve been involved with the group for 4 months now. My main role so far has been in outreach and the creative side of things. During the summer holidays I helped deliver sessions for children at Shropshire libraries educating them about plastic and what they could do to reduce it. I also designed posters and other resources to use at our clothes swap event which we hope to repeat again soon.

My hopes for the future are that this current generation will grow up with their eyes wide open to the climate problem and understand how their lifestyle choices directly affect the environment so that they can choose to live a more eco-friendly life. I hope that everyone will work together: schools, businesses, politicians, etc. and in every aspect of life in the future, the climate and environment will always be prioritised in all decisions that are made.

Jess Walton – Chair

I am Jess Walton and I am a member of Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire. As a group we represent the next generation of decision makers who will have to live through the environmental crisis that has been building up for generations before us. Being a passionate environmentalist, I am always looking for new ways to get involved in organisations passionate about climate change activism. Generation Zero Carbon is a great way to engage with other like minded young people from the same county all working towards the aim of Shropshire reaching net zero emissions by 2030 which we all believe is crucial for our futures.

I am the co-chair and my skill set from my background in politics is mainly around research and organisation. I have been part of the summer reading events we ran in libraries across Shropshire educating children about the climate crisis. As well as this we all volunteered at our first event, a clothes swap which we held in Shrewsbury Quarry to help people reduce their impact on the environment by swapping their clothes instead of buying new ones!

My hope for the future is that young people have the knowledge and the ability to work towards ending the environmental crisis. Through education and green jobs, I want every young person like myself to have the ability to have a long healthy and happy life on a planet that is secure and safe for generations after us.

The aim of net zero by 2030 is no longer a choice but a necessity and my hope is that everyone across generations can find solutions to this problem together.

Daniel Jones – Volunteer

My name is Daniel Jones and I am a recent graduate of Keele University, where I completed my Masters in Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology. In Year 10, I completed my work experience with water company Severn Trent. While there, I was tasked with using online maps to locate and evaluate the flood risks to buildings and urban areas near local water bodies. This was a really interesting exercise for me to complete, illustrating the importance of properly managing the environment, the impacts that humans can have on natural habitats and vice versa. It led to me selecting more natural sciences-based subjects at A-Level – Geography, Chemistry and Biology – and to studying Environmental Science and Biology at university.

I joined Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire over the summer because I was looking for a place where I could gain useful experience working in the environmental sector in some form and help do my part to ensure a cleaner future. GZCS has been a great opportunity for me in this regard; I mostly help in a creative capacity, writing news and blog entries for the website and occasionally helping to produce posters/designs to promote the group and our events through social media. This suits me well, as I enjoy writing and gained some significant experience in it as part of my university course.

I believe that the current climate crisis requires action at every level, from individuals all the way up to governments. I feel GZCS’s outreach is taking a good approach to this, as people will tend to push back against something if they feel forced into it. Therefore, the best chance of success is not to push people towards environmentally-friendly practices like recycling, but just to let as many people as possible know that these options are out there, why they’re important and how easy they can be to implement.

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Caroline Talbot
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