Save Our Shropshire CIO (SOS) is offering a free Carbon Literacy course to individuals and Parish or Town Councils throughout Shropshire. The aim is to help increase understanding of Climate Change and empower communities to make a difference.

Save Our Shropshire CIO

SOS was founded in July 2021 – a charity dedicated to increasing people’s understanding of Climate Change. Carbon literacy approved courses have been made available for both ‘Householders’ and ‘Parish/Town Councils’. These awareness education courses are designed to support knowledge about Climate Change allowing individuals and groups within local communities to make lifestyle changes. It is hoped that these changes will help achieve a net-zero carbon future for Shropshire – something the Council and many not-for-profit organisations are working towards.

The Carbon Literacy course available for householders is completely free thanks to HSBC Bank who have sponsored the programme.


  1. A description of why the Climate emergency is a disaster facing us all, and gives you enough of the basic science to understand why it is happening. It also shows how we will increasingly face more floods (remember Ironbridge floods?), see famine across Africa and fires in places like California and Australia. In case you are not sure, we will explain the facts – the science.
  2. We will show how you can calculate your footprint using standard tools (which you can do as homework!). It will allow you to judge how much your diet, travel, energy consumption, and purchase of “stuff” impacts the climate We will then show you what you can do to reduce your impact. We will show how you should change your diet, travel , energy consumption etc. All of these are simple to do, but it requires behaviour change. You can easily become fitter and lose weight – but you do need to eat less and exercise more!
  3. We will then describe what action the world, UK and local areas are taking to tackle the threat of the climate emergency. This will show how you can play a part in fighting the emergency now. So as part of the workshop you will discuss with your workshop colleagues what actions you can take individually and collectively. You will then pledge your actions which will be assessed by the Carbon Literacy Project. Successful applicants will become certified as “Carbon Literate” by the Carbon Literacy Project. You will feel confident in persuading family, friends and workplace colleagues to make changes to their behaviour! 

Who should attend?

Come to this practical workshop if you want to know more about the Climate Emergency, what is being done about it, and what you can do to take action. Successful applicants will be certified as Carbon Literate by the Carbon Literacy Project and ready to convince family, friends, and people at work what they need to do.

SOS believes anyone who is a member of the general public, concerned about the future of the planet, will want to attend. It will give you the knowledge and enthusiasm to help tackle the climate emergency.

How Long is it & what does it include?

We know people are very busy and so we have fitted this into three 2 1/2 hour sessions scheduled across three separate dates. There is a little bit of homework to do – and hopefully, you will be inspired to further research anyway:

  1. Three x 2.5 hr facilitated video workshop. 6pm – 8. 30pm

2. Based on the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) materials.

3. Each attendee becomes CLP qualified provided they complete materials required.

4.  Cost = Free thanks to HSBC (Equivalent to £100 per person (includes CLP Verification & certificate)

5. Training dates are scheduled for 11th, 18th & 25th January 2022, 6pm – 8. 30pm 

There is no pre-read material for the course, the trainers like to treat people on face value and regardless of the attendee’s level of knowledge of the climate emergency.

This workshop is divided into three sections:

Book now

The course is open to Shropshire residents.

With the next course starting soon, please book asap by clicking here and following the instructions.

If you are booking onto the course, please be sure you are able to commit to attending all three sessions to enable you to become certified as ‘Carbon literate’.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot