Founder of Shropshire business Bundle of Love is Helen, a work from home mum based in Telford who has been running Telford Slings for the last couple of years helping people find the right baby sling for them through hires and purchases.

In 2020 Helen branched out to support and showcase more products made from other work-at-home-mums to a wider audience. Bundle of Love was born giving an online shop for slings, a range of eco-friendly cloth nappies, and a range of handmade children’s clothing items.

If you are expecting, or considering starting a family in the future, it is worth looking into using cloth nappies. They are just as easy to use as disposables just with a bit of extra washing. Depending on the brand used they can save you money in the long term and will save literally thousands of disposable nappies from landfill. Take a look at how much you can save in our blog post Cloth Nappies – Whats the Real Cost.

Helen selects each cloth nappy available on Bundle of Love based on quality, durability and affordability. All products are tested so they are perfect for baby to wear whilst in a sling.

Bundle discounts are available to make swapping over to reusable nappies as affordable as possible. Alongside this Helen offers interest-free instalments/payment plans to help spread the cost. She has a wealth of knowledge on both slings and reusable nappies and is always more than happy to help advice on any products before you decide to buy.

Bundle of Love is another great example of a local small business supporting parents in becoming more eco-friendly.

Links to Bundle of Love website, facebook page and instagram accounts are all in the Directory. Please head over and give them a like!

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot