Love balloons, but want to be environmentally friendly? Then the new biodegradable eco balloons sound amazing! But are they too good to be true? Lets take a look…

In recent years more and more companies are marketing products as biodegradable or eco friendly. They are aware of the changing mindset of many consumers, and want their products to meet the demands of the eco conscious shopper. One of the latest products seen on the market is the biodegradable balloon.

Biodegradable balloons are being marketed as 100% natural. They are made from natural latex responsibly sourced directly from plants. Once used they will biodegrade at the same rate as the plant sap would in the wild. A similar rate to the common oak leaf. Great, we hear you say! Umm nope!

Natural rubber being collected

Did you know the majority of balloons  have always been made from latex (yes not all, some are plastic based which are even worse!). Its not a new thing, just a new marketing slant on an old product.

Did you know the biggest problem with balloons on the environment is not how long they sit in the soil and degrade. But the fact that they end up in waterways, on land and in our oceans soon after they are used, where they are mistaken for food and eaten by wildlife.

To seabirds, balloons have been found to be the deadlier than all other marine plastics.

Lastly, did you know an oak leaf can take 6 months to 4 years to biodegrade? So even the best of these single use balloons could have up to 4 years to cause havoc to the environment.

The best way to be eco friendly with balloons = SAY NO TO SINGLE USE

If you want decorations for a special ocassion, think reusable. You can hire reusable foil balloons, paper pompoms, material banners and much more, or buy something you can use year in year out saving the need for anything single use.

Have you spent lots of money on balloon decorations this year during your lockdown celebrations? The traditional balloons (marketed as eco friendly or not) are not recyclable and are destined for the bin where they can end up a hazard to wildlife. But any foil balloons you have can at least be reused. Offer them to friends and family, or store them for future reuse.

We rehome foil balloons at Mossy Parties. Balloons that were destined for the bin are given a second chance. Anyone who donates gets to use the balloon library for free when they hire a reusable party kit with us. Sharing reusable decorations can save waste and save wildlife.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot