Perfect as a treat for yourself or an easy guilt free birthday present or Christmas gift! These homemade bath bombs are simple, safe and fun to make.

With only 3 ingredients needed, just add essential oils of your choosing with a drop or two of food colouring for an extra splash of colour.


  • 1 large bowl to mix in
  • Moulds for your bath bombs (could be icecube trays, chocolate moulds or something homemade)
  • Weighing scales
  • A water sprayer with cold water
  • Gloves and safety goggles are suggested to protect you from spills and splashes of raw ingredients


  • 300g Bicarbonate Soda
  • 100g Citric Acid
  • 10ml fragranced oil or 10 drops of essential oil
  • Food colouring


  1. Measure out, sieve and mix the bicarbonate soda and citric acid into your bowl
  2. Add colouring and mix in well (be quick if it is liquid colouring to prevent too much fizzing!)
  3. Add fragrance or essential oil into the bowl and mix well.
  4. Very slowly spray a little water in and mix as you go until the mixture just starts to hold together when you squeeze it in your hands.
  5. Quickly press the mixture into your moulds. If you are using a mould of two halves, slightly overfill and press together for a few seconds before removing one half. If you are using a mould such as an ice cube tray or silicone baking tray you will need to press down firmly on the top for a few seconds before leaving the tray to set.
  6. Leave to set in the remaining half for around half an hour before you take it out of the mould. Leave them to dry for a further hour before putting them into a sealed container or jar.

There is a rainbow of colours and scents at your fingertips – use whatever essential oils and food colours you would like. If you make up different coloured batches you can even make rainbow bath bombs by using a pinch of each colour when adding to the mould.

To keep them from dissolving in the humidity of the bathroom, keep them in a sealed container. Large kilner jars work well. When ready to use, just drop into the bath and enjoy the fizz, colour and smell!

Eco reminder…

Making your own gifts can be a great way to reduce your plastic consumption and energy consumption from bought in products, but only if you don’t go and buy the raw ingredients in their own plastic bags to start with. If you are going to make this as a gift, look at what you already have in your cupboards, choose items from local stores in reusable containers if possible. Use glass jars left over from other store cupboard ingredients to put the bath bombs in. If you don’t have any of the ingredients then consider bulk buying them from a zero waste shop where you can take your own containers in to fill up.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot