Luke and Steph Boxall have swapped the hectic London city life for country idyll in an attempt to bring the benefits of worm poo to South Shropshire.

“Worm Soil” is produced by hundreds of thousands of worms on their smallholding near Bridgnorth, and sold as an eco-friendly fertiliser. The product is sold in reusable and recyclable bags to individuals for their gardens as well as large horticultural businesses.

Steph explains why they decided to make the move:

“We moved with our two young children from the London commuter belt a couple of years ago as we had no work-life balance but Luke remained in his job until the middle of the pandemic last year.

It was then when we decided enough was enough and Luke left corporate life to start a farm producing vermicast – basically worm excrement – made by feeding well composted horse manure sourced from local stables to worms.

We are unique as we are the only worm farm that specialises in producing this and our aim is to make vermicast more mainstream.

We have always had an interest in the environment and soil and are very aware that artificial fertilisers are highly damaging to the environment and our climate so this is a perfect alternative.

It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to any synthetically-produced plant food or fertiliser and perfect for eco-conscious gardeners as well as those wanting the best for their plants and soil.

We’re also so proud to be selling a real home-grown Shropshire product.

Sally Themans, our advisor from business consultancy Good2Great, stressed the importance of provenance with our business as this is a county rich in agriculture and food production.”

Worm Soil was launched with the help of a Step Up for Business programme run by Bridgnorth business consultancy Good2Great. The programme is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and managed by Telford & Wrekin Council on behalf of partners Shropshire Council.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot