An established childcare setting in Bridgnorth is actively encouraging parents to try cloth nappies in their bid to reduce the masses of waste produced by using disposable nappies.

Little Green House Childcare and Family Hub have a range of staff experienced in using and changing a wide range of cloth nappies brands and styles. From fleece or paper liners, popper or velcro fittings, all-in-ones or folding systems, they have seen it all.

If you are on a cloth journey, then childcare can seem daunting, as many providers just don’t know what to do, or worse still, won’t accept anything other than disposables. It is great to see a setting that not only accepts cloth, but that encourages and supports parents on their journey.

Find out more via their website: or check out their Directory listing for full contact details:

Did you know the average baby can get through 3,640 disposable nappies a year! Find out the real costs of going cloth in one of our articles here. A great way to try cloth is by finding your local nappy library who can also give support and guidance in finding the right product for you. Check out the Green Directory for more info.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot