Newport Town Council have turned off the supply to the town’s allotment in the face of the climate crisis in a bid to reduce water waste.

Outside tap

The Town Council has agreed to provide water containers to Meadow View and Boughey Road sites as a temporary measure. Councillor Lyn Fowler stated that some “exciting” long-term, sustainable solutions are being discussed with the allotment holders to ensure produce can be grown without excessive water waste. One such solution is a wind powered water pump to pump water from deep underground.

“What we decided last September was we would turn the water off as we do every year, but we wouldn’t turn it back on. Like most people, we have recognised the climate emergency, and drinking water shouldn’t really be used for watering plants.

We [the council’s leisure & environmental services committee] will have another meeting in April. Myself and councillor Tim Nelson are in discussions with the allotment holders. We’ve had lots of different ideas.”

Councillor Lyn Fowler

For more information about the Newport allotment scheme:

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot