Eco Friendly Balloons

Love balloons, but want to be environmentally friendly? Then the new biodegradable eco balloons sound amazing! But are they too good to be true? Lets take a look... In recent years more and more companies are marketing products as biodegradable or eco friendly. They are aware of the changing mindset of many consumers, and want... Continue Reading →

Reusables in the World of Panic Buying

In the ever changing advice surrounding the covid-19 pandemic, it is no wonder people are confused about what they should or shouldn't be doing to keep their loved ones safe and help slow down the spread of the virus in their communities. Depending where in the world you are, you are advised to follow different... Continue Reading →

Grow Your Own Loofah Sponge

Before plastics came along, nature provided many useful resources for the human race. Many are still about, but little used as buying the manmade version is often easier and cheaper. But as the general population become more aware of their individual impact on the planet, natural products are starting to hit the headlines again. Todays... Continue Reading →

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