Call for climate conscious households to support open house event

Climate conscious households are being asked to share their knowledge and experience of green tech and retrofitting their homes at an open house event in October. Latest update from Shropshire Council Newsroom: Shropshire Council, Zero Carbon Shropshire and Marches Energy Advice are encouraging people to sign up for Green Doors Day on Saturday 8 October […]

E-bikes and local businesses make it easy to swap from four wheels to two

Changing your mode of transport to something more planet friendly can be daunting. Increasing our families ability to travel on two wheels rather than four has been made much easier through the expertise of a small local business. If you are looking to invest in a bike in the near future, I would highly recommend […]

Bring back the bees

Guest blog by Sally Lancaster – Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire You may have heard that bee populations are in decline, but why should we care about this? Everyone knows bees make honey but what else do they actually do to benefit us? It turns out they do a lot more than you may have thought… […]

How to help Shropshire’s youngest citizens avoid climate anxiety

Guest blog by Deborah Murphy – Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire: Rising climate anxiety amongst the young Eco- or Climate Anxiety is a growing phenomenon. According to an article by Jonathan Webb and Denis Campbell (The Guardian: 20.11.21) ‘more than half of child and adolescent psychiatrists in England are seeing patients distressed about the state of […]

If you care about bees should you eat honey?

Guest article on honey and bees by Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub: I’ve had a few people suggest that if they stopped eating honey then it would cause a decline in the number of bees and that would be catastrophic for the environment. I can totally understand why people might think this, after […]

Soya, veganism and the environment

Guest article looking at Soya and alternatives. By Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub, Shrewsbury: Vegans are often told that the are a big contributor to environmental problems because of the amount of soya that they eat. Firstly there is no denying that growing soya is harming the environment. Masses of rainforests have been […]

Recycle More Plastic

Guest blog by Sally Lancaster from Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire We are all used to taking our own reusable bags to the supermarket these days. However, there is something else we should all remember to bring with us when we do the weekly food-shop….. our plastic packaging! An easy way to recycle more plastic. Perplexing […]

Can a vegan diet really be planet friendly?

Interesting guest article by the knowledgeable Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub: Being vegan might not necessarily seem to be better for the environment. If you are used to buying your meat from the butcher without plastic packaging, and milk in glass bottles from the milkman you might think you are doing the best […]

30 Day Challenge #30 Spread the word

Congratulations you have reached the end of the 30 Day Sustainability Challenge! We hope you have learnt a few things along the way and found out some simple ways you can live a more planet friendly lifestyle. Fingers crossed some of these easy swaps have helped you start some good habits and this is just […]

30 Day Challenge #29 Grow your own

Eating locally grown produce is a great way to reduce food miles, emissions and packaging. You can’t get more local than if you grown your own! If you have even a little space, then growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs can be extremely satisfying and help reduce your foods carbon footprint. Many people like […]