Bridgnorth Electrical Business Turns to Solar Energy

152 photovoltaic panels have been added to the roof of TG Electrical Services building at Chartwell Park. TG Group is committed to operating in a sustainable and responsible manner at all its locations and have worked with Caplor Energy for this latest step towards a sustainable business model. TG Electrical Services manager, Chris Lloyd, said: […]

Crafty Mrs B – Saving the Planet One Pad at a Time

Hi! My name is Amy, and I am the face behind Crafty MrsB. I am a designer and maker who works from home. I started my business back in 2015 after the birth of my first child, returning to the world of retail wasn’t going to be practical. Sewing is something I’d learnt from my […]

Ancient Trees VS Relief Road

Guest article by Campaigner Jo Blackman… Today is Earth Day, a day when people all over the world collectively call for the transformational change our world so desperately needs. Earth Day challenges us to hold governments, local councils and corporations to account for their role in the climate and environmental crises, while also helping to […]

Competitions to Celebrate Young People Coming Together to Protect the Planet

Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire is a collective of young Shropshire-based people. Their hope is to encourage everyone in the County to help achieve the necessary conditions to reduce emissions to net zero by 2030.  The group was founded by a small team of young adults aged 18-26 and has been growing in membership even before […]

World Earth Day goes live 20th-22nd April

Starting back in 1970, World Earth day was a day to celebrate and encourage environmental protection. Occurring every year on the 22nd April it is an opportunity to focus on our planet and highlight the damage that humans do to Earth as well as the positive opportunities for change. Starting from the 20th April there […]

Current state of UK’s native woods showcased in first of it’s kind report

National Charity the Woodland Trust has released the State of the UK’s Woods and Trees 2021, a first of it’s kind report laying out the facts and trends on the current state of the UK’s native woods and trees. By understanding their current state effective plans can be made to protect and recover natural areas, […]

Cloth Nappy Support at Little Green House Childcare

An established childcare setting in Bridgnorth is actively encouraging parents to try cloth nappies in their bid to reduce the masses of waste produced by using disposable nappies. Little Green House Childcare and Family Hub have a range of staff experienced in using and changing a wide range of cloth nappies brands and styles. From […]

1,700 Solar Panels to Save Shropshire Hospital £217,000

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RJAH) have installed 1,760 solar panels in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint and save vital funds. Along with installation of new energy efficient lighting RJAH estimate they will save £217,00 annually (a third of their electricity bills), as well as reducing their […]

Shropshire Recycling Rates Plateau

Englands county recycling rates confirm that Shropshire is in the top fifty counties. In 2019/2020 54.6 percent of Shropshire’s waste was recycled. Landfill of domestic waste has reduced from 13 percent of waste to 2 percent since 2014/2015, but the overall recycling rate for the county has not improved over the last five years. Other […]

Go Vegan for the Environment

Vegan Vibes by Michelle D’Arcy Jewell There are lots of reasons why someone might choose to have a vegan lifestyle but it seems that there are an increasing number of people choosing to omit animal products from their life to help the environment. Research has shown that there are many environmental issues associated with animal […]