Lockdown Friendly Star Count

Looking to the stars isn’t just for astronomers, stargazing can be a free, fun, family activity. It’s not only a great chance to admire the night sky, but by counting the stars it allows us to understand light pollution. Light pollution not only spoils the view, but it can disrupt wildlife’s natural patterns. CPRE The […]

Oil Seed Waste Wonder Fuel

Local husband and wide team Rupert and Tracey Bennett are better known for their production of Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed oil. This high quality oil is is GM free, gluten free and free from chemical processing. The seed is cold pressed, triple filtered and hand bottled on their Shropshire farm. The process if efficient, but […]

Transition Telford Seed Swap is Live!

Usually Transition Telford’s Seedy Saturday is a physical event held in Telford to enjoy swapping seeds, gardening advice, conversation and cake. For 2021, Seedy Saturday has gone almost entirely online. They have been collecting seeds throughout January, but the event is now live and running in full. With a database of seeds available on their website, you […]

Ironbridge Eco Bubbles – Refills | Home | Beauty

Set in the beautiful courtyard at Maws Craft Centre in Jackfield, Ironbridge Eco Bubbles aim to provide responsible, sustainable, zero-waste products to help you live your best life. They are a family run business that aims to provide products to support an eco-friendly, plastic-free, vegan lifestyle at an affordable price. Eco Bubbles is a success […]

Reusable razors – fad or functional?

Disposable razors are part of most peoples day to day lives. But hundreds of millions are sent to landfill each year in the UK alone, adding to the mountains of plastic waste that could take hundreds of years to break down. Yes they are not completely single use, but they are not used for long […]

Eco Rotary Club – Food Waste Tips

Guest blog by The Eco Rotary Club In the midst of a pandemic our priorities as humans change. This is natural, it’s how we survive. What is sad to see though is the negative effects that some of our behaviour changes bring about. One of the outcomes of recent panic buying is the increase of […]

No loo rolls or wet wipes needed – an easy bathroom swap

Here at Mossy Life we like to find the positive and would encourage people who may be stuck at home with more time on their hands to take this as an opportunity to try new things. In the crazy world of empty shop shelves where there was once toilet roll, there is a simple alternative […]

Reusables in the World of Panic Buying

In the ever changing advice surrounding the covid-19 pandemic, it is no wonder people are confused about what they should or shouldn’t be doing to keep their loved ones safe and help slow down the spread of the virus in their communities. Depending where in the world you are, you are advised to follow different […]

Grow Your Own Loofah Sponge

Before plastics came along, nature provided many useful resources for the human race. Many are still about, but little used as buying the manmade version is often easier and cheaper. But as the general population become more aware of their individual impact on the planet, natural products are starting to hit the headlines again. Todays […]

Christmas Trees – Real vs Plastic

Yey! We have reached the acceptable period of putting up the Christmas tree. This is the start of the festive period for many people, and is definitely something we look forward to in our household. There is something enchanting about getting out the decorations from the loft and creating a sparkling corner to the living […]