Meal Planning – Reduce waste and your shopping bill

5 benefits of meal planning… Saves time – taking away daily decisions and shortening your time in the shops Saves stress – reducing evening family arguments Less food wasted – only buying what you need Saves money – only buying what you need Healthier eating – less last minute quick fixes or takeaways It sounds […]

Easy pumpkin soup – enjoy Halloween and reduce waste

It’s that time of year when we often find ourselves with a pumpkin or two ready for carving. Whether it has been purchased from the supermarket or a local pick your own place, it doesn’t have to just be used for decoration. Modern carving pumpkins can have less flavour than traditional varieties, but this simple […]


What is Mossy Life and who am I? I am an average UK raised woman in her mid (OK late!) 30s who has a passion for the natural world and tries to balance looking after the environment with the needs of my family in an ever changing world. Until recently family consisted of my two […]