If you care about bees should you eat honey?

Guest article on honey and bees by Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub: I’ve had a few people suggest that if they stopped eating honey then it would cause a decline in the number of bees and that would be catastrophic for the environment. I can totally understand why people might think this, after […]

Soya, veganism and the environment

Guest article looking at Soya and alternatives. By Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub, Shrewsbury: Vegans are often told that the are a big contributor to environmental problems because of the amount of soya that they eat. Firstly there is no denying that growing soya is harming the environment. Masses of rainforests have been […]

Recycle More Plastic

Guest blog by Sally Lancaster from Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire We are all used to taking our own reusable bags to the supermarket these days. However, there is something else we should all remember to bring with us when we do the weekly food-shop….. our plastic packaging! An easy way to recycle more plastic. Perplexing […]

Can a vegan diet really be planet friendly?

Interesting guest article by the knowledgeable Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub: Being vegan might not necessarily seem to be better for the environment. If you are used to buying your meat from the butcher without plastic packaging, and milk in glass bottles from the milkman you might think you are doing the best […]

30 Day Challenge #29 Grow your own

Eating locally grown produce is a great way to reduce food miles, emissions and packaging. You can’t get more local than if you grown your own! If you have even a little space, then growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs can be extremely satisfying and help reduce your foods carbon footprint. Many people like […]

30 Day Challenge #22 Reusable bags

Using reusable is the best way we can reduce waste. But this doesn’t mean we should just throw away existing items and swap them for any old reusable. Take a look at this article – ‘Plastic bags – don’t throw them away’ – to understand the options you have when it comes to shopping bags. […]

30 Day Challenge #17 Meal planning

By planning what you want to eat, you will save food waste and money. Take a look at our meal planning article for some top tips to get you started. Can you recommend a local environmentally friendly organisation that we have missed from the Directory? – get in touch here via email, or message us […]

30 Day Challenge #12 Buy Local Produce

One of the simplest things we can do to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to reduce the transport of goods from around the World. Buy locally grown produce and you will not only be cutting down on food transport, but you will be supporting the local economy. A lot of the time your locally […]

30 Day Challenge #11 Swap Clingfilm for Reusable Wraps

Keeping food fresh doesn’t need to involve single use non-recyclable clingfilm. This stretchy plastic wrap was invented accidentally in the early 1900s and quickly became popular when reusable wraps were not. The majority of UK households have a roll or two of clingfilm in one of their kitchen drawers. Although popular due to its convenience […]

30 Day Challenge #6 Reusable Cups

Do you enjoy a coffee or cup of tea when you are out and about? As we start to socialise a little more this year (hopefully!) then you may find yourself grabbing a hot drink when you are in town or taking in a local tourist attraction. Although many places are trying to reduce the […]