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Guest post: The upcoming ban on single-use plastic tableware

Party Kit Network Founder Isabel Mack explains the changes coming into effect later this year. Environmental Secretary Thérèse Coffey has announced that the government will ban single-use plastic plates, bowls and cutlery in England from October 2023.  This is part of the government’s efforts to reduce avoidable plastic waste from common single-use items.  Scotland has […]

If you care about bees should you eat honey?

Guest article on honey and bees by Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub: I’ve had a few people suggest that if they stopped eating honey then it would cause a decline in the number of bees and that would be catastrophic for the environment. I can totally understand why people might think this, after […]

Soya, veganism and the environment

Guest article looking at Soya and alternatives. By Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub, Shrewsbury: Vegans are often told that the are a big contributor to environmental problems because of the amount of soya that they eat. Firstly there is no denying that growing soya is harming the environment. Masses of rainforests have been […]

Can a vegan diet really be planet friendly?

Interesting guest article by the knowledgeable Michelle D’Arcy Jewell from The Vegan Hub: Being vegan might not necessarily seem to be better for the environment. If you are used to buying your meat from the butcher without plastic packaging, and milk in glass bottles from the milkman you might think you are doing the best […]

30 Day Challenge #29 Grow your own

Eating locally grown produce is a great way to reduce food miles, emissions and packaging. You can’t get more local than if you grown your own! If you have even a little space, then growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs can be extremely satisfying and help reduce your foods carbon footprint. Many people like […]

Meal planning

By planning what you want to eat, you will save food waste and money. Take a look at our meal planning article for some top tips to get you started. Can you recommend a local environmentally friendly organisation that we have missed from the Directory? – get in touch here via email, or message us […]

Buy Local Produce

One of the simplest things we can do to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to reduce the transport of goods from around the World. Buy locally grown produce and you will not only be cutting down on food transport, but you will be supporting the local economy. A lot of the time your locally […]

Swap Clingfilm for Reusable Wraps

Keeping food fresh doesn’t need to involve single use non-recyclable clingfilm. This stretchy plastic wrap was invented accidentally in the early 1900s and quickly became popular when reusable wraps were not. The majority of UK households have a roll or two of clingfilm in one of their kitchen drawers. Although popular due to its convenience […]

Reusable Cups

Do you enjoy a coffee or cup of tea when you are out and about? As we start to socialise a little more this year (hopefully!) then you may find yourself grabbing a hot drink when you are in town or taking in a local tourist attraction. Although many places are trying to reduce the […]

Hire Don’t Buy

As a society we have got used to owning a lot of the things in our home, even if they are rarely used. We end up with cupboards full of items that take up space, have used vital resources to be made, and may only be used once or twice before we eventually throw them […]

Eat less meat

Day two of the 30 Day Sustainability Challenge can be quite controversial! There is a lot of information in the media about the positive impacts of veganism on the environment, but often muddled with mixed messages and strong debate. Is it really beneficial to the planet? The answer is yes, but it does come with […]

Shop in your local refill store

Day one of the 30 Day Sustainability Challenge is something many readers on here may already do, but many of you may not even know what a refill shop is. Refill shops are growing in popularity as more people want to live a planet friendly lifestyle. They are a place where you can take your […]

Happy New Year – Are you up for the challenge?

With a couple of difficult years behind us, many people are looking forward to 2022 with hope. Here at Mossy HQ we hope that everyone will be kind. Kind to each other, to their communities and to the beautiful planet we live on. This year instead of making one large New Years Resolution, why not […]

Shropshire Good Food Partnership launches its Good Food Charter

We are at a critical moment in time. A lack of meaningful leadership is failing huge segments of the population and the planet. We must create the change we know is needed ourselves. Addressing the challenges within the food system is a great way to start. Food touches all our lives and has impacts on […]

The Little Green Pantry opens high street store

Wellington takes another step towards a sustainable town centre with it’s first zero waste high street store. Telford’s first zero waste shop The Little Green Pantry started in 2019 with a Crowdfunder project set up by owner Keli King. Initially running from pop up stands at fetes and festivals, doing doorstep deliveries and regular market […]

June Vegan Vibes

Guest Article by Michelle D’Arcy Jewell Not Just Food Going vegan isn’t just about changing your diet. There are lots of other aspects you need to think about too. A lot of toiletries contain animal products and some are produced by companies that still test on animals. It might be a good time to consider […]

Oakengates refill store opens its doors

A new zero waste refill store is opening on Tuesday 8th June 2021 in Oakengates Telford. Based on the top floor of Oakengates Indoor Mall, Turtley Eco will be opening its doors for the first time after months of hard work by owner Zoe. Early this year, Zoe decided to take the plunge and start […]

May Vegan Vibes

Guest Article by Michelle D’Arcy Jewell Grow it Yourself Now that the weather is getting much warmer, many people like to spend more time in the garden. Although growing flowering plants makes your garden look beautiful, you should always consider finding some space to grow some vegetables too. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t […]

Go vegan for the environment

Vegan Vibes by Michelle D’Arcy Jewell There are lots of reasons why someone might choose to have a vegan lifestyle but it seems that there are an increasing number of people choosing to omit animal products from their life to help the environment. Research has shown that there are many environmental issues associated with animal […]

Climate Crisis Creates Water Shortage for Newport Allotments

Newport Town Council have turned off the supply to the town’s allotment in the face of the climate crisis in a bid to reduce water waste. The Town Council has agreed to provide water containers to Meadow View and Boughey Road sites as a temporary measure. Councillor Lyn Fowler stated that some “exciting” long-term, sustainable […]

The Little Green Pantry -Zero Waste Goods Delivered to Your Door

This fabulous small business based in Telford started in 2019 with a crowdfunder project. Keli King owner of The Little Green Pantry was passionate about bringing plastic free shopping to Telford as no such store existed. Since starting she has run pop up stalls in multiple locations to build up a solid customer base, all […]

Cinnabar Sources Vegan Chocolate That Tastes Divine

Ludlow based ethical lifestyle shop Cinnabar Cinnabar claims to have found a delicious vegan chocolate bar that they are confident everyone will love. happifreefrom chocolate is made from 47% cocoa, no soy, ethically sourced, made with 100% vegan ingredients and is sustainably packaged. Jessie, founder of Cinnabar Cinnabar described it to us as truly delicious […]

Michelin Award for Wild Restaurant Shropshire

Whitchurch based Wild Shropshire Restaurant has been awarded a ‘Plate Award’ from the Michelin Guide for the first time. This award is a a symbol of very good food at moderate prices, a fantastic accolade for a micro seasonal restaurant that opened in April 2020 and has had only 3 months of opening due to […]

Bridgnorth Welcomes New Zero Waste Store

A new shop is opening its doors this week on Mill Street in Low Town, Bridgnorth. Owned by the community and run largely by volunteers, Our Green Shop is a story of community success during what has been a difficult year. In 2020 a group of individuals from the community got together with an aim […]

Two Ingredients Banana Oat Cookies

The simplest way to look after our planet is to reduce waste. An easy place to start in many households is reducing food that goes into the kitchen bin. So we thought we would start to share a few simple recipes that make the most of food that is past its best, but perfect for […]

Eco Rotary Club – Food Waste Tips

Guest blog by The Eco Rotary Club In the midst of a pandemic our priorities as humans change. This is natural, it’s how we survive. What is sad to see though is the negative effects that some of our behaviour changes bring about. One of the outcomes of recent panic buying is the increase of […]

Support local wildlife with your pumpkin leftovers

Easy DIY pumpkin bird feeder! With around 8 million leftover pumpkins estimated this year in the UK, make sure yours isn’t wasted by repurposing it to support local wildlife. With Halloween over and lots of tasty pumpkin soup made, why not get one more use out of your pumpkin before putting the husk into the […]

Meal Planning – Reduce waste and your shopping bill

5 benefits of meal planning… Saves time – taking away daily decisions and shortening your time in the shops Saves stress – reducing evening family arguments Less food wasted – only buying what you need Saves money – only buying what you need Healthier eating – less last minute quick fixes or takeaways It sounds […]

Easy pumpkin soup – enjoy Halloween and reduce waste

It’s that time of year when we often find ourselves with a pumpkin or two ready for carving. Whether it has been purchased from the supermarket or a local pick your own place, it doesn’t have to just be used for decoration. Modern carving pumpkins can have less flavour than traditional varieties, but this simple […]


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