E-bikes and local businesses make it easy to swap from four wheels to two

Changing your mode of transport to something more planet friendly can be daunting. Increasing our families ability to travel on two wheels rather than four has been made much easier through the expertise of a small local business. If you are looking to invest in a bike in the near future, I would highly recommend […]

Council’s Summer of Cycling gets dozens of children riding in first week

More than 70 local children have learnt to ride a bike during the first week of the school holidays thanks to a free initiative run by Telford & Wrekin Council, with hundreds more expected to learn during August. Latest update from Telford and Wrekin Council Newsroom: Telford & Wrekin Council’s Summer of Cycling campaign got […]

Award winning Park securing funding to enhance biodiversity

The Green Flag award-winning Stanmore Country Park has been granted more than £72,000 from Severn Trent’s Community Fund and Shropshire Council to enhance bio-diversity and encourage children to be involved in its care. Latest update from Shropshire Council Newsroom: The Shining Light on Stanmore Park Project has received £65,582 from the Severn Trent Community Fund, […]

Council leading the charge for electric vehicle plans

Telford & Wrekin Council’s electric vehicle (EV) charging strategy, has set out the pathway to support EV users with accessible charge points across the Borough with an initial £100,000 investment. Latest update from Telford and Wrekin Council Newsroom: The strategy, submitted to cabinet today (Thursday, July 14) supports the council’s climate change plan by encouraging […]

How to help Shropshire’s youngest citizens avoid climate anxiety

Guest blog by Deborah Murphy – Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire: Rising climate anxiety amongst the young Eco- or Climate Anxiety is a growing phenomenon. According to an article by Jonathan Webb and Denis Campbell (The Guardian: 20.11.21) ‘more than half of child and adolescent psychiatrists in England are seeing patients distressed about the state of […]

30 Day Challenge #23 Only wash full loads

A simple way to reduce energy and water use! It really is as simple as it sounds. If you only have a half load for your washing machine, wait until you have a full load until putting it on. The amount of water and energy you will save is outstanding. The same principle goes for […]

30 Day Challenge #17 Meal planning

By planning what you want to eat, you will save food waste and money. Take a look at our meal planning article for some top tips to get you started. Can you recommend a local environmentally friendly organisation that we have missed from the Directory? – get in touch here via email, or message us […]

30 Day Challenge #6 Reusable Cups

Do you enjoy a coffee or cup of tea when you are out and about? As we start to socialise a little more this year (hopefully!) then you may find yourself grabbing a hot drink when you are in town or taking in a local tourist attraction. Although many places are trying to reduce the […]

30 Day Challenge #5 Hire Don’t Buy

As a society we have got used to owning a lot of the things in our home, even if they are rarely used. We end up with cupboards full of items that take up space, have used vital resources to be made, and may only be used once or twice before we eventually throw them […]