World Earth Day goes live 20th-22nd April

Starting back in 1970, World Earth day was a day to celebrate and encourage environmental protection. Occurring every year on the 22nd April it is an opportunity to focus on our planet and highlight the damage that humans do to Earth as well as the positive opportunities for change. Starting from the 20th April there […]

Cloth Nappy Support at Little Green House Childcare

An established childcare setting in Bridgnorth is actively encouraging parents to try cloth nappies in their bid to reduce the masses of waste produced by using disposable nappies. Little Green House Childcare and Family Hub have a range of staff experienced in using and changing a wide range of cloth nappies brands and styles. From […]

Search to find Shropshire’s Young Environmentalists

Wellington Rotary Club are currently running a “Young Environmentalist” Competition for youngsters aged 7 -17 as part of a wider National Competition. The Club say: “The aim is to encourage young people to explore, investigate, research and undertake an environmental sustainability project on the theme of ‘Climate Change/Carbon Reduction’. Those entering may focus on one […]

Free Live Outdoor Learning Lessons by Shropshire Charity

Shropshire based charity The Field Study Council (FSC) has continued providing free live lessons through lockdown. This terms online learning has focused on taking primary aged children outdoors with their expert tutors. With 3 sessions coming up, tune in to their youtube channel to get involved. Who are FSC? FSC aim is to create a […]

Lockdown Friendly Star Count

Looking to the stars isn’t just for astronomers, stargazing can be a free, fun, family activity. It’s not only a great chance to admire the night sky, but by counting the stars it allows us to understand light pollution. Light pollution not only spoils the view, but it can disrupt wildlife’s natural patterns. CPRE The […]

Bundle of Love – Cloth Nappies

Founder of Shropshire business Bundle of Love is Helen, a work from home mum based in Telford who has been running Telford Slings for the last couple of years helping people find the right baby sling for them through hires and purchases. In 2020 Helen branched out to support and showcase more products made from […]

Eco Friendly Balloons – do they exist?

Love balloons, but want to be environmentally friendly? Then the new biodegradable eco balloons sound amazing! But are they too good to be true? Lets take a look… In recent years more and more companies are marketing products as biodegradable or eco friendly. They are aware of the changing mindset of many consumers, and want […]

DIY Rainbow Rice – Baby rattles and sensory tubs

Sometimes the simple things in life really are the best things! I don’t know about you, but as I have progressed on my journey to become more environmentally friendly as a mum, I realise how many ‘things’ we are told we should buy, we really don’t need. I am definitely someone who is trying to […]

Social Distancing – End of Parties? Or the Start of New Traditions?

From changes to working patterns, loss of child care, introduction of home schooling or a decrease in financial stability, everyone has had different battles to face this year due to Covid-19. Whatever restrictions have been put in place, one thing remains constant – our children still have birthdays. In the UK the majority of our […]

Two Ingredients Banana Oat Cookies

The simplest way to look after our planet is to reduce waste. An easy place to start in many households is reducing food that goes into the kitchen bin. So we thought we would start to share a few simple recipes that make the most of food that is past its best, but perfect for […]