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Have a Merry Sustainable Christmas from Zero Carbon Shropshire!

This is one of the hardest times of year to stick with sustainable living intentions, as it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of consumerism that Christmas can sometimes seem to be. We’ve probably all bought unsuitable presents in desperation on Christmas Eve before! Latest blog post from Zero Carbon Shropshire: by Julie […]

Swamp mysteries competition to inspire wetland restoration project

People of all ages are being encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and help inspire a project to restore a wetland area at Stanmore Country Park in Bridgnorth. Latest update from Shropshire Newsroom: After winning grant funding from Severn Trent Community Fund, there are plans to restore a ‘misty swamp’ and the land around […]

E-bikes and local businesses make it easy to swap from four wheels to two

Changing your mode of transport to something more planet friendly can be daunting. Increasing our families ability to travel on two wheels rather than four has been made much easier through the expertise of a small local business. If you are looking to invest in a bike in the near future, I would highly recommend […]

The Ercall takes centre stage in Local Nature Reserve photo competition

“Telford & Wrekin Council have announced the winners of its My Walk Today photo competition, with The Ercall featuring in both the adult and under-16s winning entries. The competition, launched by the council in December to coincide with the school Christmas holidays, encouraged people to visit the borough’s 17 Local Nature Reserves over the holiday […]

Spread the word

Congratulations you have reached the end of the 30 Day Sustainability Challenge! We hope you have learnt a few things along the way and found out some simple ways you can live a more planet friendly lifestyle. Fingers crossed some of these easy swaps have helped you start some good habits and this is just […]

Walk or Cycle More

Day 10 of the Mossy Life 30 Day Challenge - Walk or Cycle More

Swapping the car for cycling, walking or e-biking even just one day a week makes a significant impact on carbon emissions. In addition to the environmental benefits there are huge benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. Walk or cycle more and you will be kinder to the planet and your health. Walk or Cycle […]

30 Day Challenge #9 Turn Off Electronics

In our modern world, electronics have become an everyday and very useful part of our lives. However, the increased energy consumption for high tech living does have an environmental impact. Using electronic devices is not necessarily a bad thing, but we do have a responsibility to use them wisely, look after them to extend their […]

Hire Don’t Buy

As a society we have got used to owning a lot of the things in our home, even if they are rarely used. We end up with cupboards full of items that take up space, have used vital resources to be made, and may only be used once or twice before we eventually throw them […]

Take Part in Local Groups & Courses

Day three of the 30 Day Sustainability Challenge is something everyone can do. Whether you have half an hour a month or can commit a couple of days a week. Learning about Climate Change and the environment can help you understand changes you can make in your own lifestyle. Understanding Climate Change is key to […]

Happy New Year – Are you up for the challenge?

With a couple of difficult years behind us, many people are looking forward to 2022 with hope. Here at Mossy HQ we hope that everyone will be kind. Kind to each other, to their communities and to the beautiful planet we live on. This year instead of making one large New Years Resolution, why not […]

Endangered species found at British Ironwork Centre

The British Ironwork Centre has opened a new Extinction Trail designed to inform and educate visitors about a select number of species that are in danger or are under threat of extinction. The number of animal species threatened with extinction continues to skyrocket every year as a result of human interference and general neglect. The […]

Competitions to celebrate young people coming together to protect the planet

Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire is a collective of young Shropshire-based people. Their hope is to encourage everyone in the County to help achieve the necessary conditions to reduce emissions to net zero by 2030.  The group was founded by a small team of young adults aged 18-26 and has been growing in membership even before […]

World Earth Day goes live 20th-22nd April

Starting back in 1970, World Earth day was a day to celebrate and encourage environmental protection. Occurring every year on the 22nd April it is an opportunity to focus on our planet and highlight the damage that humans do to Earth as well as the positive opportunities for change. Starting from the 20th April there […]

Cuan Call for Marathon Runners

Cuan Wildlife in Much Wenclock has just two of it’s five London Marathon places remaining. The 2021 London Marathon will be a virtual event in the same format as 2020, which saw a record breaking 37,966 runners taking part. The virtual event can be run anywhere in the world and participants progress is tracked via […]

10% OFF Accommodation @ The Barn at Lees Farm

10% discount for Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Postcodes on booking and quoting Mossy Life. If you arrive by bike, on foot or public transport there will be a treat when you arrive, please let me know on booking. Hi, my name is Emma, I am the owner of The Barn at Lees Farm. Five […]

10% Off Romantic Eco Retreat in World Heritage Site

Valentine’s day is here and gone so quickly. However, if you have a special person in your life, and you decided (or forgot!) to do something special today, why not treat them to a stay in a beautiful eco yurt later in the year. Getting away from your own home and going somewhere special can […]

Lockdown Friendly Star Count

Looking to the stars isn’t just for astronomers, stargazing can be a free, fun, family activity. It’s not only a great chance to admire the night sky, but by counting the stars it allows us to understand light pollution. Light pollution not only spoils the view, but it can disrupt wildlife’s natural patterns. CPRE The […]

Win a £10 Cinnabar Gift Card this Valentines

Eco-conscious online lifestyle shop Cinnabar Cinnabar are sharing the love this February with an online competition to win a £10 gift card. Cinnabar Cinnabar is based in Ludlow and stands by originality, sustainability, traceability and quality in all their products. Many of their gifts available are handmade and upcycled by their founder here in Shropshire. […]

Eco Friendly Balloons – do they exist?

Love balloons, but want to be environmentally friendly? Then the new biodegradable eco balloons sound amazing! But are they too good to be true? Lets take a look… In recent years more and more companies are marketing products as biodegradable or eco friendly. They are aware of the changing mindset of many consumers, and want […]

DIY Rainbow Rice – Baby rattles and sensory tubs

Sometimes the simple things in life really are the best things! I don’t know about you, but as I have progressed on my journey to become more environmentally friendly as a mum, I realise how many ‘things’ we are told we should buy, we really don’t need. I am definitely someone who is trying to […]

Social Distancing – End of Parties? Or the Start of New Traditions?

From changes to working patterns, loss of child care, introduction of home schooling or a decrease in financial stability, everyone has had different battles to face this year due to Covid-19. Whatever restrictions have been put in place, one thing remains constant – our children still have birthdays. In the UK the majority of our […]

Parties that don’t cost the Earth

Whilst exploring more ways to reduce our carbon footprint at home and lower the amount of waste we produce, it has become apparent to our little family that society expects plastic to go hand in hand with raising children. From disposable nappies, wet wipes and plastic toys, to the throw away culture of kids Birthday […]

Christmas Trees – Real vs Plastic

Yey! We have reached the acceptable period of putting up the Christmas tree. This is the start of the festive period for many people, and is definitely something we look forward to in our household. There is something enchanting about getting out the decorations from the loft and creating a sparkling corner to the living […]

Green Gift Guide – 10 low cost ideas for Christmas

If you want to buy a special something for friends of family this Christmas but want to make sure it isn’t leaving a damaging footprint on this planet or your wallet, then take a look at some of these present ideas. 1. Garden enthusiasts and wildlife watchers Bird feeders or bug hotels can provide added […]

Soft Play – Plastic Pollution or Parents Heaven

Since looking ahead toward our upcoming parenthood, my attention has been turned to all the activities out there that parent friends post on facebook. From donkey rides on the beach, birthday parties full or sugar or colourful plastic ball pits. Activities you don’t tend to take part in as a non mum unless its for […]


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