A new shop is opening its doors this week on Mill Street in Low Town, Bridgnorth. Owned by the community and run largely by volunteers, Our Green Shop is a story of community success during what has been a difficult year.

In 2020 a group of individuals from the community got together with an aim to open a not-for-profit low-waste shop in Bridgnorth. Aiming to inspire and enable people to adopt healthy, sustainable lifestyles. Their mission was to make low-waste options more accessible and affordable. Offering a wide range of wholefoods and household products that don’t cost the earth. The shop was going to be free from single-use plastics and provide as much local produce as possible. All profits from the shop were planned to go back into initiatives that enrich the community and engage local people in environmental campaigns and projects.

Pandemic Changes Plans

Initially the plan was to take over a shop lease in St Mary’s Street at the end of March 2020, but then the global pandemic struck and all plans had to be rejigged.

Determined to continue, but unable to open a physical premises straight away, the volunteer based group used the funds raised through Crowdfunder to secure a temporary base and offer a refill delivery service throughout Bridgnorth.

Initial Dreams Realised

Throughout 2020 the delivery service has seen in increase in customers and Our Green Shop has gone from strength to strength. In January the team were proud to confirm they were going to be able to realise their initial dream. It may be a year later than planned and a slightly different location, but with grit and determination they secured the lease for a new store on Mill Street.

Keys were only handed over to the team a few weeks ago, and they have been working hard to get the store open. With social distancing and working in rota’d teams, they have battled through making upcycled furniture, shelves, shop units and more.

With many hours of voluntary time, expertise from a wide range of individuals and sheer determination, Our Green Shop can now confirm their doors open officially Tuesday 9th February!

The team are proud of their achievement, but also understand there is still a long way to go. For a community shop to work, it needs to suit the community. So now it is down to the residents of Bridgnorth to help shape the future of this fantastic venture.


“Like you, the people at Our Green Shop are trying to live more sustainably. With this in mind, we (a group of local individuals) have raised funds to open a shop designed for the community. Our Green Shop is your green shop, it’s owned by the community and is run largely by volunteers. It is a not for profit social enterprise selling environmentally friendly goods. Using minimal funds, a team of volunteers have been donating their time, expertise and creativity to bring the shop and it’s low energy delivery service  to life!

The shop is starting off with a range of refills as well as whole-food pre-packed stock from our lockdown delivery service, the packaged goods will be replaced with refills over time. This will have the double advantage of reducing plastic waste, and lowering prices.

The shop is perfect for those seeking fair trade household products with the lowest possible environmental impact, alongside locally made goods. A wide range of items will be available from bamboo toothbrushes to re-fill detergents.  

Starting small, Our Green Shop aims to grow into the shop that customers want to use. So please pop along and let us know what you think should be on our shelves.”

– Alexandra Preston, Our Green Shop

Our Green Shop is located at 50 Mill Street, Bridgnorth. Opening hours initially will be 10:30am-3:30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Tuesday 9th February. Ready to welcome visitors, the starting stock is all in place, and shelves are full of an amazing variety of zero waste and sustainable items.

Links to Our Green Shop social media accounts are all in the Directory. Please head over and give them a like!

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot