The town of Bridgnorth is sparkling free of rubbish due to the hard work of a group of voluntary litter pickers.

The Bridgnorth Litter Picking Club coordinated by Councillor Julia Buckley has seen a surge in activity recently in spite of covid restrictions.

Organised through a Facebook page and Whatsapp group volunteers from the community have been joining forces (from a distance) to combat the increasing amount of rubbish collecting around town.

Prior to Covid, the group were actively gathering together for regular litter picking days, but since social restrictions have been in place they have had to look at alternative methods to keep motivated. So called ‘grot spots’ have been identified around the town – members upload photos of particularly littered areas – and pairs of volunteers focus on these areas during part of their allowed daily exercise.

Initially focusing on the town centre, the group have now cleared all the local parks, and the majority of residential areas, and are now headed to the outskirts where the town branches into various countryside walks.

The hope is to keep on top of the work done so far and continue to grow the group so that it is self sustaining and gives the community a new sense of pride in their town.

Now that the group is online, membership is gathering pace with over 70 participants so far. Some are able to offer just an hour a week on one of their short walks near home, others are choosing to take a 4 or 5 hours amble to tackle particularly littered areas.

The local rowing club will be assisting the group later in the summer by doing a litter pick from their boats when restrictions allow them to return to the water again. A huge amount of objects have been retrieved from the River Severn on previous expeditions.

A huge thank you to a number of local businesses who have also got involved by sponsoring and providing vital equipment for the volunteers.

If you would like to get involved, contact the Bridgnorth Litter Pickers group.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot