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Telford & Wrekin Council are asking commuters to try active commuting to help them save money, be healthier and combat climate change.

Latest update from Telford and Wrekin Council Newsroom:

The council are looking for people to participate in its “Active SMiles” project, which incentivises commuters to ditch their cars and walk, cycle or wheel to work instead.

Participants in the Active SMiles project can earn supermarket vouchers simply by completing ten active commutes in a calendar month, including walking, cycling, or wheeling to and from work. 

Throughout the project, participants will receive extensive support and encouragement to adopt active commuting habits successfully.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to show commuters how embracing active modes of transportation can positively impact people’s health and the environment.

The council hopes that participants will continue this healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle while inspiring others to follow suit – extending the advantages of active commuting beyond the project’s duration.

The successful trial of the Active SMiles project was conducted in October 2022, involving employees at the MoD in Donnington. 

All 20 participants surpassed expectations and expressed high satisfaction with the scheme.

The pilot program yielded impressive results, with participants collectively commuting a remarkable 982 miles. 

By choosing active transportation, they saved around £330 in fuel costs and prevented around 400kg of CO2 emissions, highlighting the substantial environmental benefits of active commuting.

Cllr Kelly Middleton (Lab), Cabinet Member for Healthy, Safer & Stronger Communities and Partnerships, said:

“Active commuting can revolutionise how we travel, benefiting our health, finances, and the environment. 

“Our pilot has demonstrated that active commuting is not only possible but also enjoyable. 

“Feedback from commuters who took part in the pilot told us they experienced an improvement in their health and wellbeing, reduced fuel expenses, and enjoyed contributing to a cleaner environment. 

“Furthermore, studies indicate that employers observe reduced sickness absences among active commuters.”

The Telford & Wrekin Council now aims to expand the Active SMiles project and collaborate with more local businesses. 

All individuals and businesses interested in participating are encouraged to express their interest by contacting: [email protected]

Quoted from Telford and Wrekin Council’s online newsroom. Original article can be found here: Newsroom – Be healthier and save money by joining Telford and Wrekin’s active commuting scheme

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot