Mossy Life

Your local green hub

Mossy Life is here to support local communities on their sustainability journey. Started in the heart of Shropshire by founder Caroline Talbot, the site is quickly becoming the go to local green hub for communities throughout the Midlands. 

Caroline has a background in environmental education and has always been aware of how everyday living can have an impact on the environment. Through research, trial and error, she has had the pleasure of knowing many like minded individuals. Aware of hundreds of amazing eco-friendly businesses, products and community groups in her home county, she soon realised there was no one portal for people to go to. In hope to fill this gap and help other local communities, Mossy Life began.

The aim was to provide a local green ‘go to’ website. To include local businesses, products, projects and events. A simple, free and easy to use site. Exploring ways that you can take practical steps towards a greener lifestyle. Not everyone can be totally zero waste, but we can all take small steps to become a little bit greener, a little bit mossier.

As the community grows, Mossy Life continues to evolve. We are now developing individual pages and directories for surrounding counties and towns to enable a true local green guide in their area. Through one-off funding we can provide your area with a dedicated green hub at a fraction of the cost of creating a new website and the hassle of trying to keep a Directory up to date.

We want to help you connect with your local green organisations who can help you take your next mossy step. Supporting the planet and your local community.

To help fund the ongoing running costs of the site, Caroline also runs a small eco-business Mossy Crafts providing planet friendly gifts and party favours handmade at Mossy HQ.

It is completely free to list a business or event on the Directory, allowing even the smallest of sustainable organisations to get involved.

If you know of a business or event not yet listed, or would like to find more about how we can help you create a green hub for your area, please get in touch!