Tried reducing waste and reusing what you have but still have things to throw away? By recycling you can still help. Recycling doesn’t have to rely on your kerbside collection…

Separate recycling carefully if asked to do so – if your council asks for recyclable waste to be separated, then please do! Some recycling centres hand separate items, some use machines. But if there are too much of the wrong items in there, large batches of waste often end up not being separated at all.

Compost food waste – if you don’t ha e food waste collection in your area, then keep your own compost bin. You don’t need much room and even if you don’t have a garden there are options out there for you. If you don’t have a need for the amazing compost that comes out the other end, then there is almost certainly a friend, neighbour or local allotment who would love to take some off your hands.

Batteries – most supermarkets have a collection point, and most councils will collect them as part of their bin collection. Either way, don’t put them in landfill.

Use your local tip – if you are having a declutter don’t automatically put into your general waste wheelie bin. Take the items to your local tip. Most will have skips for metal, wood, electronics etc, all of which are then sorted for recycling where possible. If they go into your wheelie bin they won’t even get seen before hoping into landfill.

You can now recycle plastic bags – the best thing you can do is reuse a plastic bag over and over again until it eventually is unusable, but at this point your kerbside collection is unlikely to be able to help recycling these items. However most supermarkets will now take plastic bags for recycling, so just drop them off on your next food shopping trip. Many also now take the plastic packaging off of food items such as loaves of bread too!

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot