Buy secondhand. A simple thing to do with multiple environmental benefits. The biggies include reducing waste from landfill, and reducing energy and water from making new items such as clothes, shoes and other fashion items. Nearly everything you have in your home can be bought secondhand if you know where to look.

In addition it will often save you money which is always an added bonus!

Many people have items that are in great condition, but they just no longer need. Whether it is a change at home so they are clearing out a piece of furniture, their clothes no longer fit, the kids have grown out of playing with particular toys, or there is an item that has been gifted to them that they just don’t have a use for. Secondhand doesn’t need to mean second in quality.

If they are responsible about where they get rid of items (especially if they want to tick of Day 4 of the Challenge!), they may donate or sell them to secondhand shops, Charity shops, antiques fairs, car boots sales or online market places.

Explore the Antiques & Secondhand category in the Green Directory to find more options near you.


If you are looking for furniture that is secondhand but maybe been upcycled and had a face lift, take a look at Revive in Oswestry and Shrewsbury who recycle and upcycle second hand furniture.

The Award winning Condover Furniture create bespoke, upcycled furniture from second hand pieces with environmentally friendly paints and restoration methods.

Nevil Road Designs in Wellington reupholsters old furniture into a contemporary style giving it a new lease of life before selling on.

Moo and Boom in Whitchurch upcycled secondhand furniture with old fabrics, bags and aprons.

Modern and older pieces can also be found in antiques stores such as Ironbridge Antiques Arts & Crafts and Jones of Shropshire near Bridgnorth.

Condover Furtniture
Moo and Boom – Whitchurch


Charity shops are a great place for secondhand clothes. But if you are after something specific, you can check out vintage stores such as Ironbridge Vintage Corner.

The Wardrobe in Shrewsbury is a preloved dress agency where you can sell items to receive credit against other preloved clothing int he store.

The Small Club in Bridgnorth offers gently used children’s clothing and footwear from 0-14 years. Their online shop means you can even have the items delivered straight to your front door.

Online clothes swap groups include Telford Swap and Wear.

The Wardrobe – Shrewsbury
The Small Club – Bridgnorth
Ironbridge Vintage Corner


Secondhand books can be found in Charity shops and specialist bookstores such as Ironbridge Book Shop or The Mere Cafe, Book Shop and Refill Shop in Ellesmere.

Online groups include Pass the Book Market Drayton and Telford Swap and Read.

Ironbridge Book Shop
The Mere Cafe, Book Shop & Refill Shop

So when you next need something in the home, or a gift for someone else, check out secondhand before buying new. You will be saving your wallet and making a big difference to the environment.

Know of a Shropshire eco-friendly organisation specialising in secondhand items but not listed in the Directory yet? Let us know! We would love to support them with a free listing.

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot