Do you enjoy a coffee or cup of tea when you are out and about?

As we start to socialise a little more this year (hopefully!) then you may find yourself grabbing a hot drink when you are in town or taking in a local tourist attraction. Although many places are trying to reduce the amount of plastic in their takeaway drinks cups, many are still not recyclable or fully biodegradable, and they can still only be used once.

The amount of single use coffee cups ending up in landfill or on our streets is huge. Every year, around 5 billion single-use paper cups are used in the UK.

A simple thing you can do to reduce this waste, is invest in your own reusable cup or thermos mug with a lid. Keep it to hand when you go out and about, whether thats in your bag, your car or even your bike pannier. If you have one to use, you can easily say no to the single use disposables.

Another option if visiting Shrewsbury or Newport is to take part in the reusable cup schemes in the towns. Many coffee shops and attractions allow you to put a £1 deposit down for a reusable takeaway cup. The cup can then be returned to any other participating venue.

Take a look at Shrewsbury Cup and Newport Reusable Cups for more info. Or search the Directory for participating venues.

Know of a Shropshire reusable cup scheme not listed on the Directory yet? Let us know! We would love to support them with a free listing.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot