At this time of year, many of us are having a clear out. Whether you have a wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear, boxes of toys that are no longer played with or a surplus of kitchen gadgets taking up space. Before you head with them towards your wheelie bin or the local recycling centre – stop and think – donate, don’t throw away.

Donating clothes, toys, books, household items or even surplus produce or plants, is a great way to reduce waste and help someone out at the same time.

Reusing an item is better for the environment than it ending in landfill, or even being recycled into a new product. Recycling takes energy, water and creates emissions. By donating you will stop this process and prevent someone else having to buy a brand new item that will come with its own environmental impact.

So when you start your Spring clean, stop and think. If something just needs a minor repair – there are plenty of people and groups in the community happy to help. If you just no longer have need of the item – who in your community may find it useful.

Places you can donate your items:

  • Charity Shops – Just pop your donations along to your nearest store. They can even use damaged clothing to sell as rags to raise funds.

  • Secondhand shops – From books to furniture, there are a range of businesses and events out there who can find a new home for your unwanted items. A few we know about can be seen here.

  • Reusable Party Kits – Donate any used foil balloons and party decorations to your local kit to enable them to be used multiple times before the end of life. Click here to find your local kit.

  • Local schools & playgroups – If you have surplus toys or books, contact your local school, playgroup or nursery to see if they could be useful to them.

If we all stop and rethink before throwing away, the amount of waste saved could be incredible.

But don’t forget – just because you have cleared some room out, you don’t need to fill it up again!

Know of a Shropshire swap and save group not listed on the Directory yet? Let us know! We would love to support them with a free listing.

Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot