The majority of UK households have a handy roll of kitchen paper towels ready to use at the slightest indication of a spill in the kitchen or at the dinner table. Yet there is an alternative that is much less wasteful – kitchen cloth.

Simple cotton kitchen cloths can be used in the same way as kitchen roll, but reused again and again. Whether they are purpose bought cloths, old flannels, or even cut up old t-shirts – just use, clean and repeat.

Neatly folded, wrapped around an old kitchen roll stand or just in a basket by the sink, it doesn’t matter how you store them. Just keep them stored dry until needed.

Purpose made colour coordinating cloths can be bought, or you can simply make your own!

We love using mini kitchen cloth rags around 15cm2 in our house. Perfect for spills, mucky toddler (faces/hands/everything they go near in the kitchen!) and cleaning down the sides after cooking. They are much more absorbent for their size compared to paper towels and take up virtually no room in the washing machine, so just get added in when there is a load on the go.

One dry kitchen cloth can mop up spills that would take multiple sheets of paper kitchen roll

You can even get double sided cloth pads that are great for the washing up. With one side cotton and the other often hessian or coconut fibre. Replacing the need for the common plastic based scouring pad. Just remember to wring them out thoroughly between use and pop them in the wash on a regular basis.

Double sided kitchen scrubbers are also a great swap in your kitchen instead of plastic based scouring pads

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot