Trees play an incredible role in combating climate change. Woodlands and hedgerows provide biodiverse habitats, and the trees themselves remove climate harmful emissions directly from the air around us.

Average tree cover in the EU is 35%, but here is in the UK just 13% of the total land area has tree cover.

Government plans are in place to increase tree cover, but progress (and their plans!) are slow. If every individual plants a tree, we can significantly contribute to this important aspect of environmental restoration.

You could plant a tree or two in your garden, If you are unsure of suitable species or locations – it is important to understand eventual maturity size etc – the Woodland Trust provide some great guidance here.

Council Support

Local Councils are also looking to support tree planting throughout their counties. Telford & Wrekin Council ran a Trees4TW Campaign during 2020, gifting thousands of sapling trees to residents and businesses across the county.

This year their new campaign Seeds4TW is designed to help educate residents on tree species in their areas, and encourage people to collect appropriate seeds and help plant them in suitable locations. Take a look at the Sustainable Telford and Wrekin website for more information.


If you have a large amount of land, there are a number of grants and projects available to help plant areas of woodland. For instance the Woodland Creation Offer. This project recognises the social and environmental benefits of woodland and offers financial incentives to help you plant the right tree, in the right place, for the right reason. Find out more grant projects for landowners here.

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot