Supporting local small businesses helps to build a stronger economy and a closer community. They are accountable to their customers so often provide a higher customer service and a more environmentally sustainable way of working.

Small businesses depend on their reputation and adapt to their customers. If you are looking for environmentally friendly products and feed back to them, they are likely to offer something suitable for your needs in the future.

Small local businesses are able to work together on community initiatives and are more likely to take an interest in protecting the environment around where they are based.

People who work at local businesses are in turn likely to spend their own money locally. Sourcing locally therefore reducing carbon footprint of supplies, products and produce.

Local food and drinks shops will often ensure their produce is locally sourced, reducing transport miles and emissions.

Independent gift shops will usually include locally made items from nearby crafts people or makers. Again reducing how far your items have to travel before you buy them.

On top of this every time you support a small business there is an owner who is quietly doing a happy dance in the background!

Independent small businesses are more likely to hire local employees reducing people who have to commute long distances.

Almost all of the businesses listed in Shropshire’s Green Directory are small independent businesses. Have a browse and see what is local to you. Next time you need a product or service, think local.

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Can you recommend small local green businesses that we have missed from the Directory? Get them to join the Directory for free here, get in touch via email, or message us through any of our social media pages so we can help support and spread the word.

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot