Burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas significantly contribute to greenhouse emissions and climate change. Yet we still rely on them heavily to heat our homes and provide us with electricity.

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are becoming more affordable to install in domestic homes, but are still a significant cost that takes many years to make back in energy bill savings.

There are a number of grants available to encourage home owners to switch to renewable sources of energy, including replacing old gas boilers with air source heat pumps, or installing solar panels to your roof. The Marches Energy Agency provide advice on many of these aspects.

But even easier than this, is the ability for you to choose an energy supplier who is environmentally conscious.

Switch suppliers

There are a number of energy suppliers offering green energy tariffs with 100% of your energy supply coming from renewable sources. With energy prices increasing and a number of suppliers going out of business due to the recent economic climate, there is less choice than two years ago, but there is still choice.

By switching your energy to a supplier who sources from renewables, you are directly reducing the amount of fossil fuels burnt. You are also supporting renewable energy as a market, increasing the opportunities and encouraging suppliers and others to reinvest in wind and solar farms.

Go online, take a look at the offers available and make the switch. Half an hour of your time and you could be running your household on renewable energy rather than burning significant amounts of fossil fuels which is harmful to the environment.

Can you recommend a local organisation helping individuals and businesses get the most out of renewable energy? – get in touch here via email, or message us through any of our social media pages.

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Caroline Talbot
Author: Caroline Talbot