Practical Green Living That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Mossy Life started as a blog for our family as we continued to explore practical green living ideas in every day life. Research eco living tips led me to set up my own eco business (Mossy Parties) through which I have met a huge number of inspirational individuals and local businesses trying to support a more eco friendly way of living. Like many small businesses out there, unfortunately Mossy Parties has ground to a halt due to the terrible Global pandemic.

However, the pandemic has given all of us a chance to slow down and reassess what is important to us. Before the pandemic more and more individuals were already becoming aware of their impact on the environment. We hope our blog posts can inspire and support anyone wanting to use this time to catalyst their way towards a greener lifestyle.

Looking after our environment does not mean we each have to be completely Zero Waste, eat only organic or spend money on fancy eco products. If everyone takes a small step that are practical within their lifestyle and budget, those baby steps add up to a huge amount of change in the World. Join us for inspiration whether you are on your first or 100th step towards a greener lifestyle.

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    08/08/2020 by

    Love balloons, but want to be environmentally friendly? Then the new biodegradable eco balloons sound amazing! But are they too good to be true? Lets take a look… In recent years more and more companies are marketing products as biodegradable or eco friendly. They are aware of the changing mindset of many consumers, and want… Read more

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